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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Before anyone corrects my heading, that’s the correct title of the blog. Why? Because I’ve come to realise how important technology has become in our lives. And I’m not talking here simply s a disabled person...

Let’s face it… we have become accustomed to having electricity and water straight from the tap or bottle. But what if we don’t have any one of those things? The answer is simple – many of us would be lost and have to think about their life all over again. Things they had taken for granted become luxury. Which puts everything into perspective really.

Tribes that still know where the water supply is and who can collect or grow their own food may be ‘primitive’ by our standards. But are they actually? What would you do in a forest if you were lost for a month, a year or more? Probably we would raise our hopes up and only prepare enough things and resources for some days because we know we will be rescued… Or really we hope that this will happen. And that is an ‘advanced’ reaction to the situation.

A ‘primitive’ reaction would be to take stock of the resources present and make the best of the supplies at hand. Shelter and other essentials would be on the top priority list. We need not mention that this reaction would literally mean survival and a new meaning to life.

I do not wish to judge either reactions as the former one would probably be my choice as I cannot delude myself into believing I can match the experience of people who have been living such a life. But what this shows is that we may be really kidding ourselves if we think we can speak of u being independent. Unless of course you can say with pride that:

I have built my own house, including fitting electric cables, water supply, etc.

I also built and manage the power station and water department.

I am in charge of agriculture and can produce my own food.

I can cook for me and my own family with my own products.

Need I add more? The truth is that we are all in some way or another dependent on others for our livelihoods. And if I were to be cheeky, is not expecting to have water run out of your tap or your waste disposed daily a ‘special need’? Or cheekier still, isn’t it funny that some people say they are the ‘breadwinners’ of the family when they don’t have any idea how to make bread, or by extension what it takes to raise animals and produce green products?

Aren’t we dependent on others on a daily basis then? So can someone please tell me why because I use a wheelchair and assistive technology, I am usually singled out as a dependent guy? When most of the people doing the labelling would be lost if they just had a fault in their cars. But on second thoughts, they could walk across the island on foot couldn’t they? I’m the one who has to slave my way on wheels am I?