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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I've gone through quite a lot of experiences in these past 24 years. But to this day, I am always baffled by the things I find myself hearing frm others and from myself. I am still confused by the reality that for many who don't know me I come across as different things, ranging from the tragic poor 'cripple', to the member of the species that has 'special needs' from the rest of the population.

I mean I do feel sometimes put off when I think about how it feels like to be 24 and still be regarded, for all intents and purposes, as a child needing care and guidance. But of course, I'm a man like any other so before people start showering me with insincere praise at my bravery or else with equally poignant sympathy at my 'losses' and tragedy, I advice them to consider this:

1. I have been born with my physical impairment and have adapted to my new visual impairment very well thank you. If you want to help make a careful self-examination and you'll realise the implications of calling me 'less fortunate'.

2. I'm as different as the wheelchair user next door, so please stop comparing me to someone I do not even know from Adam.

I can only say that I have for a long time wanted to change who I was but now realise that there is value in who I am regardless of what others might say.