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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm sure some of you have experienced the feeling that there might be someone out there who is waitig for you. Actually, you're waiting for her and as you don't know the other person you live separated by silences. I have been in love and fell out of love many times, especially when I hit the age 13 point. Though still single and available ;) ... this hasn't discouraged me from writing love poetry for real and ideal women.

I do appreciate women because they have been my best friends ever since I remember and to be honest the female figure is a masterpiece. Here is a short poem that I came up with. Hope you enjoy...


There is a firmament that separates me and you.
But it's not one between heaven and earth, or even light and dark.
There is a calling drawing me to you.
But it's not one of words or signs and symbols.
There is space that distances us both.
But it's not made of matter or bodies we can see.

You remain unknown to my senses and my reason.
With no name or clue as to the place you inhabit.
But before I can tell you I know you I knew you.
Before time and space were drawn we were once together.

But life and death made us grow apart so much.
Made us into boys and girls until in nature we forgot ourselves.
But if there is a justice, we will meet our fate.
To reunite our nature and attest to an eternal faith in love.

For wherever or whoever you may be,
we are soul mates ...