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Monday, August 28, 2006


I've made various attempts at making my presence felt on the internet. But in so far as websites I've created were fulfilling, the fact remained they took much of my time and energy. Besides that, with my lifestyle I wanted something that I could use without being too demanding on my resources. After all, I want a life to live.

I have written a lot in my childhood and early adolescence and as I enjoy writing amongst other things, I thought that I could put a personal touch into this blog business that I am just getting acquainted with. My d-zone here will take a life of its own eventually but it's more of an expression of myself and of my relationship with the world.

Amongst the topics I will tackle is my experiences as a disabled person, my newfound dreams and aspirations and of course any boring news that I am willing to share with you to fill the pages. OK, the last one was a joke but it may be true. After all, boredom is a relative concept.

That seems a good start ... Be well!